Program Registration

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Additional terms Make money by promoting Pretty Pieces Products! This is a great way to monetize your Instagram account, Facebook page, or blog. It's totally free, you have nothing to lose, and tons of commissions to gain! Cookies (how long your code stays on the customer's browser) are good for a whole 30 days! so if they make a purchase within 30 days, you will be credited. We do not require a minimum to cash out. If you sell one product and make $2 you can still cash out. Payments are made every Friday through PayPal. In the admin panel of your affiliate page. you will be able to set up your PayPal. That's pretty much it. It's all automated. There is no contract and you are not obligated to do anything. You are also not liable for anything. We handle all the customer service and support. All you have to do is promote . As you have probably assumed, we do not allow our affiliates to gain commissions from their own orders they purchase themselves, sorry, no double dipping.